About The Letters Page

Dear Reader, 

It was nearly a decade ago, back in 2013 if we are to be precise, when our love for the literary traditions of letter-writing and the idea of correspondence in a digital age, became the foundation for a literary journal crafted of letters. That is how The Letters Page, a literary journal published by the School of English at the University of Nottingham, came into existence. 

trent-building-1In our issues you will find essays, stories, poetry, memoirs, travelogue, and criticism; but all in the form of letters. Through the years, we had the pleasure of working with a menagerie of writers, including Kevin Barry, George Saunders, Claire-Louise Bennett, Naomi Alderman, Andrey Kurkov, Joanna Walsh and many many more. We have received letters from every continent except Antarctica (but we’re working on that); letters about love and loss and hope, letters of annoyance, letters that have made us laugh and letters that have made us gaze wistfully through our office window. We have received letters on blue paper, cream paper, white paper, letters on tissues and napkins, letters on postcards and letters stuffed into bottles. We have enjoyed reading them all. 

ba24e149-e165-43e7-a996-3fb95a6c8903_1_105_cWe hope that you will join us in these adventures, and that you will enjoy our efforts to get these letters out into the world. Subscribe to join the family! You can also visit the submit page to learn more about sending us a letter of your own. 


With love, 

The Letters Page